Our team


Prof. David Hay

Scientific Director & Co-founder

Prof. David Hay is the chair of Tissue Engineering and group leader at MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. He has a long-standing international reputation in induced pluripotent stem cell biology and hepatocyte differentiation, evidenced by over 90 publications and over 3500 citations. His research goals include the translation of stem cell-derived hepatocytes into scalable manufacturing processes. Prof. David Hay is also a co-founder of Stemnovate, a company awarded with an Innovate grant to develop innovative platforms for drug screening using cell biology, and FibromEd, a company focused on reducing human drug attrition through the creation of novel predictive human liver models.  He holds a number of patents (including ‘Polymers for Growing Cells’ and ‘Polymers for Growing Endothelial Cells’) and has over 15 years of experience working with pluripotent stem cells. He has worked on fascinating problems including the production of 3D culture systems, semi-automated induced pluripotent stem cell-based screening platforms and the development of renewable sources of liver tissue.