Our team


Dr. Stephanie Wallis

CSO & Co-founder

Dr. Stephanie Wallis is constantly searching for novel scientific solutions to big problems.  Her curiosity for undiscovered scientific areas led her to study Neuroscience BSc (King’s College London) before Stem Cells and Regeneration MSc (University of Bristol).  After realising her life goal to solve problems that affect large populations of people using innovative science, she focused her PhD (University of Bristol) on the development of novel human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neuron models of Alzheimer’s disease to support pharmaceutical discovery programmes.  Inspired by her upbringing within an entrepreneurial family, she has always been enthused by traction and innovation in business.  Prior to her PhD, she worked as a business development manager for a biotech start-up specialising in innovative in vitro bioincubator systems.  She has also worked as an independent business development and marketing contractor for biotech companies and has experience working with a consulting company focused on establishing new business relationships between the UK and Asian biotech industries.